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Buy Whole Dried Mushrooms at utopiamushroombars is your one-stop shop to buy whole dried mushrooms in Downtown Toronto. You can buy medicinal mushrooms in-store from our dispensary or avail of our home delivery within 1.5km of our store.

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Huge Selection: At utopiamushroombars, we have a huge selection of psilocybin mushrooms, including sought-after mushroom strains like Golden Teacher, Blue Meanie, etc.
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Psilocybin Mushrooms – Who Consumes Them and Why?
Magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms, or shrooms are mushrooms that contain psilocybin. At smaller doses, they help users safely experience their health benefits without getting high. At larger doses, they take users on a psychedelic trip while getting them high. Therefore, both medicinal and recreational mushroom users consume shrooms for their own reasons.

At utopiamushroombars, you can find and buy high-quality whole dried mushrooms that are 100% natural and lab tested. If you are seeking the best shrooms in Downtown Toronto, look at none other than utopiamushroombars!

Dosage Chart to Consume Medicinal Shrooms or Enjoy a Psychedelic Trip
0.1g to 0.5g (Micro-Dosing): It won’t cause high but is a standard during therapeutic treatments.
1.0g: It is a low shroom dosage that produces some effects, such as euphoria.
1.75g: It is a medium dosage that triggers some hallucinogenic effects, mostly visual and sensory, plus stronger euphoria.
3.5g: It is a high shroom dosage, which can bring on mind-blowing effects and synesthesia, that is, blending of senses.
5.0g: It is a high shroom dosage that brings the full depth of a shroom psychedelic trip. It is rare for shroom enthusiasts to try this dosage because it can lead to a complete loss of control.
Now, the concern is how you should measure your whole dried mushrooms dosage. It is easy as 1 teaspoon measures approximately 5.0g, which means 1 level or 1/5 teaspoon is 1g approx. Besides, you can buy first-rate shrooms from our brick-and-mortar store in-person or online in different dosages.

How May You Consume Whole Dried Mushrooms in Downtown Toronto?
Do not worry if you do not know the best ways to consume psilocybin mushrooms. Whether you want to consume whole dried mushrooms for fun or health reasons, the following are the ways we recommend:

Chew and Swallow Right Away: If you opt for this option, it is important you thoroughly chew your shrooms to let juices come out. It may take you 45 minutes or less to experience the effects after consuming psilocybin shrooms this way.
Make Mushroom Tea: You can boil some water and crush the desired amount of your shrooms into small pieces to throw them in. Then, you can heat your pan close to simmering but not boiling. Then, you can let your shrooms set for ten to fifteen minutes and enjoy your brew.
Make Magic Mushroom Capsules: You can make your very own shroom capsules with a little more than empty capsules, a capsule machine or a grinder. You can also discreetly take your magic mushroom capsules discreetly throughout the day. Besides, you can buy magic mushroom capsules in different dosages at utopiamushroombars.
Add Shrooms to Food: You can add psilocybin mushrooms to almost any food; however, your preference matters here. However, it is important you avoid adding shrooms during the cooking stage to evade losing psychedelic compound, “psilocybin.” You may bake mushrooms on top of your pizza to enjoy them in this way.
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If you are seeking sought-after and highly potent magic mushrooms, you can buy them at utopiamushroombars. At our store, you can find and buy 100% natural and lab-tested psilocybin mushroom strains. Golden Teacher and Tidal Wave, to name a few.

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